3. Jul 2015


Please be reminded that the Galenus-Privatstiftung has opened the application for the Galenus Technologiepreis. Go to Technologiepreis on their website and see whether this could be a funding opportunity for you. Applications can be submitted from May 2nd until June 30th as mentioned on their site under Termine.

10th International Conference and Workshop on Biological Barriers

The 10th International Conference and Workshop on Biological Barriers will be held from 16 - 21 February 2014 at Saarland University, Germany. Have a look at the program.

1. May 2013

Early bird registration for the Honolulu annual meeting of the CRS ends tomorrow

Act now to benefit from the discounted registration rates!


Please be also reminded that the Galenus-Privatstiftung has opened the application for the Galenus Technologiepreis. Go to Technologiepreis on their website and see whether this could be a funding opportunity for you. Applications can be submitted from May 1st until June 30th. as mentioned on their site under Termine.

22. April 2013

Travel grants

The jury awarded the 2013 travel grants (1000 EUR each) to the following applicants:

Ankit Mittal
Marten Klukkert


April 2013

Call for travel grant applications

The local chapter again awards 2013 travel grants to the annual meeting of the mother organization. Pleas refer to our awards page for further details.

21./22. Mar 2013

2013 Annual CRS-de meeting

We're having a great meeting these days! Around 100 participants, 60 Posters plus oral presentations, 10 workshops/plant tours.....
We will grant a poster and an oral presentation award in the end.
2. Jan. 2013

2013 annual meeting of the german chapter under preparation

We are preparing for the 2013 meeting of the german local chapter on the premises of AbbVie. Expect more details soon and please visit our meetings page frequently. All updates wil be posted there.

24. Jan. 2012

Administrative maintenance announcement

Currently we are checking our member list for comprehensiveness. Members shall expect being contacted by our treasurer in near future checking and verifying their contact information. Please support us in bringing our database up to date.
Thank you!

23. Jan. 2012

Registration fee waiver for local chapter annual meeting for CRS-DE members

Although not explicitely mentioned on the meeting registration form, please be assures that student members, ordinary members and supportive members (with voting rights) will be waived the registration fee for the 2012 annual meeting in Würzburg. Prerequisite is that you already paid your membership fee for 2012. We will have a list of members and their fee status present at the registration desk. So no further action from memberside is required if you already paid your membership fee. If you did not, you have the opportunity to do so during registration.

19. Dec. 2011

From our mother organization

It is our pleasure to announce that applications are now being accepted for the Sung Wan Kim Postdoctoral Fellowship.
The selected candidate will receive a $30,000 postdoctoral fellowship to support advanced study, research, and travel in the coming year. Learn more.

21. Dec. 2010

ISAM meeting 2011 in Rotterdam

Did you know that the International Society for Aerosols in Medicine (ISAM) is preparing an exciting congress in the DeDoelen Congress Centre in the heart of Rotterdam, the Netherlands?
The venue will take place June 18 - 22, 2011. Abstract submission deadline is mid of January, early bird registration until around mid April.
For more information visit the ISAM2011 Homepage

5. Dec. 2010

Looking forward to the 2011 annual meeting

Venue location, date and program have been announced for the annual meeting which will be held in Jena Mar. 15./16. 2011. This is a joined convention of the CRS-DE annual meeting and the International Symposium of the Thuringian Proexcellence Initiative Nanoconsens.

5. Jul. 2010

2010 Travel grants awarded

The 2010 travel grants have been awarded today. Please join us congratulating Mr. Sax, Mrs. Kohler, Mr. Parmentier, Mr. Reum, and Mrs. Daum to their well deserved travel supports.

27. Apr. 2010

Travel Grants

Check out the Awards section to learn more about the possibility to receive support for traveling to the CRS annual convention in Portland, Oregon, USA this July.

21. Apr. 2010

Homepage published

The CRS local chapter germany website is now open to the public.

20. Apr. 2010

CRS and social networks

Did you know that there are some CRS related groups in the various social networks in the internet? It was brought to our attention that there are CRS group and CRS Chapters subgroup on the LinkedIn network. Perhaps your preferred social network also offers general CRS, student CRS or CRS chapter groups or boards as well.
Some notes:
- In your own interest make sure you know and appreciate how the social networks respect your privacy.
- Not all "CRS" groups etc. are related to the Controlled Release Society. There are other groups using the same acronym with different meaning for expressing their topics of interest. Make sure you pick the right one.

9. Apr. 2010

Summary of the 2010 annual meeting in Saarbrücken

Olivia Merkel shares her impression of the local chaprter's annual meeting 2010. For the first time the event was embedded into the International Conference and Workshop on Biological Barriers, which is biannually held in Saarbrücken, Germany.

Read More

5. Apr. 2010

Homepage set up

The Local Chapter Germany has it's own website! Currently access is limited to the executive board only for piloting.

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